Friday, October 26

Day 300: Gringo's

Real Tex Mex cuisine is something I crave constantly living in Sweden. We try making our own Tex Mex sometimes but it isn't quite the same as the authentic flavors of freshly made enchiladas with refried beans and Spanish rice, perfected over time through years of tradition. I seriously could eat Mexican food every day. When we started planning our trip to Texas my mouth started salivating just thinking about sinking my teeth into some true Tex Mex enchiladas and tacos, not to mention the truly amazing spicy salsa that I could drink by the gallons. All of this deliciousness best finished by washing it all down with a frosty margarita with salt.

So when my aunt suggested that we have lunch today at a Tex Mex place called Gringo's, there was not even a hint of hesitation when I replied, "That sounds great!" Even later when she hinted that maybe we wouldn't have time for lunch with everything we wanted to do today, I assured her that we would make time for her and my uncle, and some much awaited and yearned for Tex Mex.

Gringo's may not have been the absolute best Tex Mex I've ever had but it really hit the spot and satisfied my craving. And compared to what's available in Stockholm it could easily be said to have been the best I've had in a really long time. I look forward to eating more Tex Mex during the next week. Maybe even every day.

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