Monday, October 22

Day 296: Strange and Wonderful

I was having this crazy dream about my cat early this morning. She was outside on our seventh floor balcony and somehow she managed to sneak through the space at the bottom of the balcony bars and jump down to the neighbor's balcony right below us. But you know how in dreams things can be slightly off from reality? Our neighbor's balcony, which is directly below our balcony in real life, was instead attached to their kitchen windows over to the left. I ran back into the apartment frantically to call my husband and when I returned to the balcony she was sitting right there. She had jumped back up to our balcony. I could see that she was still full of piss and vinegar and was about to try leaping off the front of the balcony so I grabbed her tail and started pulling as hard as I could to keep her from jumping. Right about that time I was suddenly awakened by a tiny wet nose sniffing my face, then there was a rough tongue licking my chin. She was sitting next to my shoulder, purring loudly and kneading dough on my arm.

Did she know I was dreaming about her? Was I making noises in my sleep while dreaming? Really pulling her tail? I guess I will never know for sure but she woke me up and pulled me back to reality, just as I was pulling her tail to keep her from jumping. Kitties are strange and wonderful creatures. I sometimes wonder if they are little angels sent to watch over us. It seems that way sometimes when I look into her eyes. It's as if her eyes are telling me that she understands what I am feeling and she knows what I am thinking. The other day my husband and I were talking over breakfast and I said that when Pina goes to kitty heaven it may be a long time before I want to get another kitty. His response surprised me. He said that he would actually go out and get another kitty right away. He said that having Pina has shown him how important having a kitty in his life is and he wouldn't want to be without one again for very long. Hearing that made my heart melt for him just a little bit more. Nothing sweeter than a boy and his cat.

Looks like dinner time... where's my fresh fish?

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