Friday, October 12

Day 286: Balance

After a recent rash of headaches and migraines, I woke up today feeling good finally. I had not even a hint of headache and I didn't feel wiped out either like I normally do on Fridays. There is nothing like having days of feeling bad physically to make you really appreciate those "dull and boring" days when you just feel good. I don't mean to put down those types of days. In fact I think they are quite the opposite. Ask any other migraine sufferer and they will tell you that any day without a headache is pretty much straight up glorious.

It can be so easy to get tangled up in my petty miseries that I forget to appreciate these "dull and boring" average days. Days when nothing really goes wrong, I feel pretty good and things just move forward. Nothing amazing happens but nothing horrible either. According to Lao Tsu, these middle average days are the days we should strive for. A balance between good (days) and bad (days), or simply put a balance between extremes. Being a Libra, this aspect of balance appeals greatly to me. Dis-ease is often the result of the body, mind or soul being out of balance. If I can find a way to find "ease" in my daily life, then maybe the dis-ease will melt away. I'm not saying that serious illnesses should be ignored. Of course one should always seek medical help in that case. I am talking about the dis-ease we often feel when we are out of balance, and we all really know when we personally are out of balance, right?

So I'm thinking a good weekend project might be to take some time today, or during the weekend, to do one small thing to put myself a bit more in balance. Want to join me? I'm thinking of finishing a few projects and a bit of clutter cleaning around the house. Oh, and of course to get out in nature. I may even make a big pot of soup this weekend. What will you do?

At Millesgården in Stockholm... searching for balance... :-)

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