Thursday, November 1

Day 306: Old Photos

During our great trick or treat hunt yesterday I came across a stack of old photos sitting in one of the cabinets in my parent's front room. Most of them were photo copies of photos I'd seen before but there were several of my mom and dad and their siblings that I had not seen before so I grabbed the stack and set it aside to look at later once the trick or treat hunt was over. It's too bad that I did not come across the stack earlier in the trip or that I didn't think to ask about my parents old photos because looking at them this morning was a bit rushed with packing to leave. I did manage to escape with a small stack that I plan to take home with me and scan onto my computer.

I really love old photos, especially of my family. It is so much fun to look through them and see snapshots of my parents when they were kids, then teenagers and then later as newlyweds. I love it when I recognize a certain expression that I see them still make today or a particular way that they stand or place their hand on their hip that I see them still doing today. It is fun too to see a certain look that I recognize in myself, or my brother or one of his kids. Sometimes I come across an old photo and think that I look just like my mom and other times I find a picture of my dad and think that I look more like him, or maybe my great grandfather or great grandmother.

My husband's parents took hundreds and hundreds of photos when he was growing up. They are all preserved as slides today and he has taken on the task of scanning each slide onto our computer so that we can have digital copies of them. It has been great fun to look at them and share them with his family and I am now inspired to do something like this myself with all of my parent's old photos. I also want to attach comments to them and write in as many names of all of the people as they can remember. But mostly I would like to select a few of them that I especially love and frame them so that I can look at them each day and remember.

I love the look of defiance on my mom's face in this photo.

A funny shoe house at a park in New Orleans back in the late 50's.

My parents sitting at a look-out point in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Bathing beauties.

I love the happiness and independence in my dad's expression as he strollss down the street with his book satchel. :-)

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