Wednesday, November 28

Day 334: Snow Day

Well, so much for wishing for a day to stay home. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. That or be more specific about the details of your wish. Now I'm home sick and it's a beautiful winter wonderland outside and I have to stay indoors and enjoy it from afar. Yes, it snowed all night and it's sticking today. My husband and I were talking just last night about the phrase, "It's sticking," which is used to describe the snow remaining on the ground and not melting. Before he moved from Sweden to Texas he'd never heard that expression and the first time he heard it he thought it was the craziest thing. Obviously there were no sticks coming down from the sky, what could it possibly mean? I wonder if it's an expression used only in Texas, or the south. Regardless, I can definitely say, in southern or Texas speak, that "it's sticking" today in Stockholm.

Sitting here in my apartment I can picture how beautiful all of the trees and parks look, covered with a magical dusting of white snow to brighten things up. Having a layer of crisp puffy snow overnight everything always helps with the long dark winter days here. The days don't feel as dark and heavy even if the sun is not shining. But snow days in Sweden are nothing like snow days in Texas. Everything shuts down in Texas. Schools close for the day, roads are less traveled and some stores even shut down. Of course, it doesn't snow nearly as much there so there isn't the support system set up to handle the icy roads. Here life goes on as normal. It is someone's job to go around the city sprinkling gravel and sand on roads, sidewalks and the pathways through the parks to keep people from slipping as they walk from here to there.

The year we moved here my first experience with snow and icy conditions on the sidewalks was met with my rump on the ground several times. The special "snow" boots I bought in Texas were as slippery as ice skates but I was too proud to buy those special attachments to put on my shoes to help with slippery, icy conditions. Instead I put new boots on my wish list and for Christmas I received an awesome pair of boots that helped tremendously with the slippery conditions. Since then I've learned that you have to roll through your feet as you are walking over the snow and ice and that really helps to keep one from slipping or falling. Even so, you still won't find me walking around in high heels or skirts and short jackets in below zero temperatures. If you look around however there are plenty of women wearing such attire. Next to them you'll find me covered from head to toe in long pants, turtlenecks, scarves, hats, gloves and a long winter coat. But only on days colder than -15 Celsius will you catch me in the arctic duffle - better known as my sleeping bag coat.

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