Sunday, November 18

Day 323: This Weather's for Ducks

What do a giant lovebirds' nest, a red picket-fenced path, a winter magnolia tree, a creeping ivy covered gate, ducks swimming and the last of the autumn leaves falling all have in common? Oh, just lovely things I saw while taking an afternoon walk with my husband and his parents. With most of the leaves gone from the trees, you can really see all of the birds' nests and this huge one looked like it was a mansion with at least three levels. A fancy bird's nest. Just a few branches away was a smaller nest that my husband said must be their summer house. Because, in case you didn't know, everyone in Sweden has a summer house. Even the birds apparently. It wasn't until after I snapped this photo that I noticed the nest was heart-shaped and as silly as it may sound, I'd like to believe it was built intentionally this way by two lovebirds. Anything is possible, right?

The weather wasn't necessarily inviting today. "Det duggar" as they say in Sweden, which means, it's drizzly. It's not exactly raining but as you walk through it you find yourself becoming damp. Not really the kind of weather that you want to go out in but again, when you are in Sweden, the weather doesn't stop you, you just put more clothing on, grab an umbrella, galoches, a knitted hat and a scarf and you are ready to go. You just take a deep breath and out you go into the wild beautiful world. Because, even in drizzly weather you get to witness so many beautiful picturesque things. If you forget your camera you can always take pictures with your mind. Luckily today I had my camera with me and I since we were just out for a Sunday afternoon stroll and in no hurry to get anywhere I stopped to take many photos. 

Below is a sampling of nature's beautiful offerings from today...

(Love)birds' nest.

A hidden path through the colony gardens.

The weather was so grey that it was nearly impossible to see the reddish-pink color of the magnolias... still holding on for dear life against winter's threat.

Just a pretty ivy covered gate...

This weather really IS for ducks.

The last of the autumn-hued trees... so pretty with the scattering of golden leaves along the ground...

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