Wednesday, November 28

Day 333: Today Has Been Cancelled

"Your attention, your attention please: Due to sleet, snow and unpleasant windy weather, today has been cancelled. Please return to your homes, change back into your pj's and go back to bed until tomorrow."

Wouldn't that be a wonderful announcement? I personally would have loved to hear something along those lines earlier today. But since the day is already nearly over, I'll just move on with it. Just recently I boasted that I was ready for winter. I may have fibbed. It is darn cold today and with the icy rain-wind whipping me and my poor umbrella around, I feel rather beat up and ready for bed. However, once I get my winter coat and boots out and dress more appropriately tomorrow I'll get back to you with an update. It could possibly be okay after all. Just not with my fall coat and attire.

Believe it or not it was not difficult to find happy today. After all, I had the final slice of pumpkin bread for breakfast this morning and I am enjoying a cozy cup of herbal tea with the last tea bag from the box, right now as I type this. There could have easily been no pumpkin bread or tea left but luck was on my side today. A couple of simple pleasures to get me through the beginning of winter.

Simple pleasures are the most direct connection between me and my happy place. Of course, I'm also of the mentality that when in doubt, a cup of herbal tea and a quiet corner work wonders. I usually like to also enjoy a kanelbulle (Swedish cinnamon bun) with my cup of tea but since I've recently managed to shake off the extra pounds that crept up on me during the last few years, I'll skip that for now. (And thank goodness we finally ate the remaining pumpkin pie last night!) Ha! Who am I fooling? Kanelbulle? Slice of pie? Not a terribly huge difference but I justify it somehow and so far the scale is still in my favor. Sheer luck? I'm not completely sure but I'll take it and run.

And according to the quote on my yogi tea bag tab, one good word has warmth for the winter. Hmmm... I hope I can find that one good word. Tea? Maybe? It certainly warmed my soul.