Tuesday, November 27

Day 332: Happy List

What makes you happy? Truly happy? Obviously it can be different things for different people. But if you had to write up a list of the things that make you happy do you know what those things would be? I've often pondered over the various things that would make it to my list. So many things make me happy and after nearly an entire year of thinking about and finding happy everyday, I think my list is ready to materialize. Maybe you would like to make a happy list too?

Here's my first shot...

My Happy List:

1. Sunshine
2. Being alive
3. My husband
4. My family
5. My cat
6. Hiking in the mountains
7. Views from mountain tops
8. A good home cooked meal, shard with family and friends
9. Ice cream cones
10. Riding my bike down a tree-lined path
11. Freshly baked pumpkin bread
12. A steaming bowl of homemade soup
13. Taking a walk on a beautiful day
14. Sitting quietly at home doing absolutely nothing
15. Creative projects
16. Coffee with cream
17. Swedish kanelbullar (cinnamon buns)
18. Getting a letter in the mail
19. Giving gifts
20. Lying on the warm rocky cliffs at Tjörn (island on the west coast of Sweden)
21. Then going for a swim in the ice cold refreshing water
22. Picnics
23. Spending time outdoors in nature
24. Exploring
25. Hugs
26. Movies
27. Spending time with my Mom and Dad
28. Fresh flowers
29. Reading a great book
30. Adventures
31. Memorabilia from my childhood
32. Old photos of my Mom and Dad
33. Taking photos
34. Eating
35. Making a difference in someone's life
36. Traveling to new places
37. Taking vacations
38. Internet
39. Clean sheets
40. Cuddling
41. Presents
42. Celebrating
43. Chocolate
44. Sunsets

There. Forty-four things that make me happy for each year that I have been alive. My list is by no means exhaustive and I will definitely add to it over time. I think everyone should have a happy list to look at when they are feeling sad, lonely or just not their normal cheerful selves. If you choose to make  a happy list yourself, you are welcomed to borrow from mine if you'd like, or maybe you want to design your own from scratch. Add to your happy list as often as needed and don't forget to share it with someone you love!


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    1. Thanks Katie! :-) I have already thought of many more to add to it.