Friday, November 23

Day 328: Sleepy Head

This morning I woke up at three-thirty a.m., thanks to a visit from the cat. Apparently I was sleeping on my back. I didn't know that I slept on my back until these visits began recently. Here's how it happens: All of a sudden I find myself awake and realize there is something on my chest. Of course, it's kitty and she is sitting there purring and head butting me in the face every few seconds. Just often enough so that if I'm trying to ignore her and fall back to sleep, I am awakened again. And again and again. I would have sworn that I never sleep on my back but then there I was, on my back with a cat on my chest.

Her middle of the night visits usually don't bother me so much since I can generally go back to sleep fairly easily. This morning however she came visiting a couple of times and by the time the alarm went off I was feeling like a big piece of lead. I got up long enough to go to the bathroom and then snuggled back into the covers and fell fast asleep again. It was so easy and felt so cozy with my husband's warm body next to me. I was deep in a crazy dream, you know the ones that feel like reality? You wake up and think it actually happened, or is happening still? Well anyway, suddenly I felt my husband stir and then his voice in the distance was asking, "What time is it?"

I am pretty sure he asked a few times though it didn't make any sense at all to me. We had just arrived at the train station where we were to disembark. Surely he knew what time it was. He had our tickets! "I really need to know what time it is," brought me back to reality. I literally could not budge. I was so heavy with sleep and my dream of train stations and all of our stuff scattered around our sleeping car that I just could not pick up my head to look at the clock. My arm was also asleep so when I tried to move it, nothing was happening. Finally I could muster up the strength, it was almost seven a.m. He sprang out of bed and ran to the shower.

I took my sleep head downstairs to make the cat some coffee and get us a couple of cups of cat food. No, wait, the other way around. Anyway, the day started and eventually I woke up. I even rode my bike to work, stopping on my way by the early morning sale at Ahlens City, one of the big department stores here. I bought a couple of Christmas presents, and yes, I did get "one for me." I also picked up some Christmas cards and gift wrapping supplies. All for fifteen percent off! What a fun way to start the day!

Hope you have a happy weekend!

Look at this sweet little stjärngosse, or star boy.

My walkin' boots... hope you get to do some walkin' and enjoyin' the outdoors this weekend! Sending you all some love from the K is for Kärlek (love) manhole cover!

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