Tuesday, November 20

Day 325: A New Day

It's a new day. I love new days that feel like a fresh start. The crisp fresh air outside gives me a sense of openness and possibilities and the sun shining brightly practically seals the deal. I was on my way to an appointment this morning and still cloudy with sleep. Everything was fuzzy and dim. My eyes still sensitive to the cold air, were streaming tears down my face as I walked quickly hoping I did not look as sleepy as I felt.

Then a mere thirty minutes later, the fog had lifted from my sleeping brain and the world outside looked shiny and new. Right outside the door of the building I practically walked into a large flatbed truck with the delivery workers standing there measuring up how to unload the gigantic Christmas tree tied down to it. The tree was lying there on its side, waiting patiently to be given its new role. Even lying there sideways this great tree looked majestic and beautiful. It made me anxious to get our own Christmas tree. I know, I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet but being in a country that doesn't celebrate it, you can't blame me for getting excited when I see all of the Christmas and holidays decorations beginning to be displayed throughout the city.

In Sweden they start hanging all of the Christmas street light and square decorations a few weeks early. But nothing is lit until the first day of Advent. I love that. Watching the decorations gradually going up all around the city builds up my holiday excitement. When my husband grew up they didn't put up Christmas decorations and their Christmas tree until December twenty-third. When I grew up we aimed to put up our tree right after Thanksgiving. Well, in merging our two cultures, we have compromised and we put up a tree around December thirteenth, which is Saint Lucia Day.

But that's for another post. For now I will focus on this lovely new day with it's endless possibilities and the build up of holiday excitement and cheer. When will you put up your Christmas tree?

I love the way the sunlight looks a bit hazy coming through the trees.

Here's a different angle... doesn't this make you want to run out and get your tree immediately?

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