Saturday, November 3

Day 308: A Friendship and Family Love Vitamin

Taking a vacation to see friends and family is a different sort of vacation. It is usually spent running around visiting with everyone, shopping for things that cannot be found at home and just mad dashing everywhere. When my husband and I take a vacation just the two of us there is usually more time spent relaxing, or even being quiet. I feel rejuvenated and inspired and generally, but not always, ready to face real life again when we return home. Vacationing to visit friends and family is rejuvenating as well but it rejuvenates me in a different sort of way. Getting to see and connect with loved ones stimulates the center of my being that resides deep within my heart and soul. My heart opens up a little wider and I get warm fuzzies. It always leaves me feeling a quiet satisfaction and joy. Even waking up with a headache doesn't daunt me.

My friendships, whether they be with my family or with my friends, give me a happiness and joy in life that can't be completely described. Sometimes it is simply the feeling of relating to another person on a deep level. It can't be explained but there is a chemistry or bond there that makes me feel more connected to life. I really cherish my friendships with my family and my friends. They are truly my life blood. A warm hug in person or squeeze on the arm is something that cannot be replaced by Skype, telephone calls or text messages. It is nice to stay in touch with those methods and it certainly makes being so far away easier but I have realized on this trip how important the physical aspect of friendships can be.

When changes come into our lives and we move to a new city we are forced to leave our old friends behind and make new ones. The new friendships can be as special as the old ones but they always take time to build and establish. Getting a good dose of visiting with old friends and my family has provided me with a sort of love vitamin. It has enriched my spiritual self and my soul. Cherish your friendships and family and don't take them for granted. If you have the opportunity to give them a hug take it as often as you can.

Sometimes our friends and family are angels disguised... Keep your heart and mind open. You never know when an angel will be sent your way.

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