Sunday, November 4

Day 309: Goodbyes and Bike Rides

It's always a bit sad to say goodbyes and return to normal life, whatever normal really is. But there is no time for sadness today. First of all it's my husband's birthday and in keeping with Swedish tradition, I awoke him early this morning with a tray filled with treats, [borrowed] flowers and candles, cards and presents. The birthday person always suspects the wake up call coming so you never know if it is a true surprise or not but it remains our tradition and it's still great fun. There is joy experienced on both sides of the surprise but I truly love to see the look of happiness on his face when I walk in singing and carrying the tray of goodies. Truly priceless.

Shortly afterward presents were opened and treats sampled we suited up and headed out with our friends to kill a couple of birds with one stone. We road bikes over to Whole Foods to pick up some things for birthday breakfast and a couple of other small items to take back home. So we were able to get a little exercise and sunshine while running our errands. I love multitasking personally. The weather is slightly more chilly today but still much warmer than Stockholm so it was really enjoyable to wear shorts and not need all of the layers and scarves and coats. Probably more than simply enjoyable but we'll leave it at that to avoid too many departure blues.

Now it's back to Stockholm mentality. Preparing for the shock of the colder weather and packing our bags to leave. It's been a lovely vacation visiting our family and friends. It's always difficult to say goodbye, so this time instead of saying "goodbye" I'll just say "see you all again soon!" Tack och vi ses snart! (Thanks and see you again soon!)

Birthday treats and fun candles. :-D

The bike gang, loaded up with groceries and heading home! Just look at that beautiful clear blue sky - I will definitely miss that!

A big 'ol pile of bikes.

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