Friday, November 30

Day 335: Emergency Happy Kit

Quick! Name five things you keep stocked in your house to make you smile or feel good in a dire emergency...

My items would include:

1. Chocolate
2. My cat (can this count? I don't actually keep her "stocked" but she happens to be around all the time)
3. Olbas (A massage aromatherapy oil with eucalyptus, juniper and other nice ingredients - great for a   crick in the neck or back)
4. A brownie mix
5. My favorite herbal tea

Those were just the first five things that came to mind but there are so many others. But how many times have I discovered that I am out of my favorite tea, there is no brownie mix around for miles, the chocolate I really like is not made anymore and the cat is not interested in company? Too many to count I'm sure. I obviously need to start keeping certain things on my shopping list to ensure that I always have them on hand, an emergency happy kit if you will. 

Then I stop to think of the repercussions of such a thing. Plenty of people have emergency kits for earthquakes, hurricanes, snow storms or other natural disasters, but how many people actually have an emergency happy kit? A supply of favorite things collected together that can help take the edge off when we are feeling down and out or just blah. Hmm... I think I may be on to something. And now that I actually really think about it, I'm guessing that at least one toy or toy-like item should be in the kit. You know, a miniature lego cowboy that your nephew gave you, or a mechanical Easter chick that your mom sent even though she knows you are an adult now? See? Moms also know the importance of toys at any age. 

I would really love to hear what you would put in your emergency happy kits. In fact, I am so curious that I am going to make you an offer you cannot refuse. Anyone who leaves a comment, here on the blog or on Facebook, saying what they would include in their emergency happy kit, will be entered to win an emergency happy kit to be designed and shipped by me. Did you read correctly? Am I really doing a giveaway? Yes, indeed I am. Giveaways make me happy. Emergency Happy Kits make me happy. So I would be doubly happy to give away a kit especially designed to make someone happy in an emergency.
I hope you will participate! 

And don't forget to include your name if you comment anonymously!


  1. 1. Tea
    2. Knitting project
    3. homemade cookies (also the process of baking them, but you can't fit that in a box)
    4. photo albums
    5. books
    6. seasonal, but right now: Christmas tree!

    Love your blog, love this idea, I can't believe you're almost done!

  2. Okay... I'll try again to see if this will post-
    1. Chocolate, of course.
    2. good dvd- probably a romantic comedy
    3. happy, upbeat music
    4. great fiction book in which to escape
    5. baking ingredients for something yummy
    6. supply of cute and funny cards to spontaneously send to friends
    Have a wonderful Christmas season!
    L, Kimberly C.

    1. Oops! Kaley noticed she's not on my list... I told her she's a given! And, she's always around. But, to make her happy (that's our goal, huh?) I must add
      #7. Kaley- in a cute little basket! :-)

      Kaley speaking- "I was very mad when I found out that I wasn't on my Mom's emergency happy kit list. When she said that I was always around, I said to her- well, I put Enshala, my favorite stuffed animal. She's always around with me. So there!"

  3. What a cool idea! My items would be:
    1) my journal (although I unfortunately don't use it much now, I hope that in an emergency situation, I might turn to it :)
    2) little women, which happens to be the book I'm reading right now and am loving it!)
    3) godis
    4) photo album (stole this idea from Elizabeth!)
    5) my body butter lotion (this time of year, it's a definite necessity!)

  4. Love all of your comments so far!!! And I'm definitely stealing some of your ideas for my own emergency kit!