Wednesday, November 21

Day 326: Toys, Not Just For Kids Anymore

Toys are NOT just for kids. From the moment I became classified as an adult (or did I?) I decided that I would always remain a kid at heart. I mean, there really is no point in growing up for good. You can get older (and wiser) but maintaining the playfulness and spontaneity of being a kid should remain high on your list of priorities. If you were to take a walk around our apartment you would see evidence of our inner kids tucked inhere and there. Over the years I have collected the odd whimsical toy that I have then added to our art. In fact, sometimes when I buy a cute toy gift for a friend's kid or one of my nephews I often find myself wanting to keep it for myself. The 'ol "one for you, one for me" shopping model. Only in the case with toys I generally only buy "one for you." Notice I wrote generally.

On the rare occasion I actually buy a toy just for me. No "one for you" in that case, just "one for me." I know, selfish, right? I do apologize but sometimes the kid in me becomes overwhelmed with the moment and I only think of me. Granted, it doesn't happen very often because I truly do love to buy presents and I am almost always in search of that perfect gift for those on my gift list.

So as I was thinking about this topic while putzing around getting ready for work, I glanced around me and within a three hundred and sixty degree radius I saw several toys that I've either had since I was a kid, I've bought myself or someone has given me. Seeing these small treasures of joy around puts a smile on my face and one can never smile too much. Smiling does much more for me than frowning does and I try to find smiles as often as I can. Toys certainly help.

Here is a sampling of the joys, I mean toys, in my life:

I have had this one since I was a kid. You put water in it and blow to make the birdie whistle.

I have a thing for these collapsable figures. I also have a Donald Duck one from when I was a kid.

These were another grown-up purchase. Their feet are magnetic and they stand here and there on our trash can-dirty clothes hamper. :-)

This classic Brio car is my husbands but not from his childhood. He too likes toys.

My Aunt had these at her house and I saw them and fell in love with them. She had gotten them at Target but by that time they were no where to be found. She surprised me by mailing hers to me as a gift! Wasn't that the nicest thing? I love absolutely love them and they still sit on my desk.

Do you have any toys? What are your favorites?

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