Thursday, November 15

Day 320: Ovanligt Väder (Uncommon Weather)

The weather is making me feel turned around today. It feels and looks like an early spring day. Sunny and warm and a sense of lightness in the air. Of course, that's just wishful thinking on my part. And even though it feels like spring would be openly welcomed right about now, I actually look forward to snuggling up against the winter cold and I am hopeful for snow. With this crazy warm weather however I don't know if I should expect or even hope for snow but I'm going to anyway. If we have to go through with it(winter), then I say, "Bring it on and bring on the snow!"

But if the weather wants to stay this "warm" a while longer, I would be perfectly okay with that too. I stepped out at lunch time today to go for a little stroll and take in some vitamin D and I think because it was extra beautiful out, I "accidentally" took a longer lunch than normal. I just couldn't bear to go back inside yet. As I made my way back to the office with my take-out lunch from Govinda's vegetarian restaurant, I noticed around me that it wasn't just me who thought getting outside was a good idea. Lots of people were also out enjoying the sun. No one was rushing to get back to their offices or even to the restaurants for lunch. Completely opposite from the haste of the morning commute. Everyone walked with a sort of rambling, meandering gate, which made me slow down as well. Who needs to be in a hurry anyway?

As I made my way up the last bit of the mörderbacke (muderously steep hill) and turned to go up the short set of stairs that signal I am almost back at the office, I hesitated for a long moment and just stood there, facing the sun with my eyes closed. I came very near going inside and telling everyone that I was taking the rest of the day off but in the end, I gave in and went back in. But standing in the sunshine there, I thought about how important sunny days are to me. A sunny day really can make or break it for me. Today reminded me of the many years I lived in Sunny Los Angeles. It very seldom rains in Southern California and the seasons are so mild that it is nearly impossible to tell which time of year it is based on the temperature. I missed having true seasons but I really loved living in a place where there is blue sky and sunshine nearly every single day. Now I am getting to enjoy a completely different climate and though I prefer a warm climate to a cold climate, the experience of living in such a different place is really cool. (And I mean that literally as well!)

Just something to remind you of warm sunny days... now I only need some guacamole and chips...

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