Friday, November 9

Day 314: Picture Perfect

A picture perfect beautiful day. That's what today was, if not just slightly too cold for my taste. Shortly after we had woken up this morning my husband announced that it was twenty-three degrees outside. Twenty-three people. And that's Fahrenheit degrees for those of you wondering. That is what I call brrrrrrrrrr!!! I decided to skip taking my bike this morning but later I felt like a big chicken, as I walked to the bus stop and watched the cyclists pass me by. It definitely felt cold when I stepped outside but the sun was shining and there was little to no wind. A simply gorgeous day.

At this time of year it is still light outside when I leave for work in the mornings, but completely pitch black when I'm on my way home. I'll blame my chickening out in riding my bike this morning on the fact that it definitely is colder when it's dark outside. And let's just face it, I'm not quite ready to feel the brisk (read: icy) arctic breeze on my face as I whip along at high speeds along the city's bike paths. I mean, we just returned home from vacation where we experienced highs in the upper seventies and lower eighties. Which was absolutely wonderful.

Besides, I have plenty of time to thicken my skin up again before it becomes bitingly, numbingly cold and I did ride to work three days this week and with jet lag. That counts for something, doesn't it? Plus, instead of my eyes "crying" all the way to work as they fought against the cold air rushing against my face, I got to enjoy truly appreciating all of the beauty around me.

Take a look:

First frost of the season. Harsh beauty.

It may be difficult to see but there are oversized glittery gold stars and balls in the tree's branches. Beginning to look like Christmas already! Seems early but with the cold weather it feels natural.

Still gorgeous fall colors here and there. Just beautiful in the sunshine.


Look at those golden maples... this truly is my favorite time of year!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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