Saturday, December 1

Day 336: Random Heart

Sometimes happy things happen in a random fashion. You don't plan for it or expect it to happen but then out of the blue... there it is! Yesterday morning I was sitting down to breakfast, enjoying a cup of tea with a couple of slices of almond butter and honey toast for breakfast, while browsing through the local neighborhood paper. Aside from having my cat as my breakfast companion I was enjoying the quiet of the morning and the soft stillness of the snow as it slowly, tiny flake by tiny flake, grew into a large mound on our balcony.

I'd finished one piece of toast and was about to start on the second when I glanced down and notice that it was shaped like a heart. How cute! I couldn't possibly eat it, could I? I grabbed my phone to snap a picture of it. It wasn't a perfect heart but my eyes saw a heart none-the-less. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I tend to see heart shapes in inanimate objects, like stones, leaves, even clouds or in this case, toast. I'd like to think that seeing random heart shapes is like receiving a little love note. It puts a smile on my face and brightens my day.

Through the years I've assembled a small collection of stones or rocks I've found that resemble hearts. We have a friend who used to collect stones that held the resemblance of smiley faces. Smiley faces and hearts have a similar effect on us, as they both promote happiness and cheer us up. In case you are wondering, I did end up eating the heart-shaped toast. It had almond butter and honey on it, can you blame me? I couldn't let it go to waste and saving it as a trophy just didn't seem to be an option.

Here is the evidence before it went to food heaven in my belly...

Doesn't it look adorable? and tasty?

And just for the curious, here is one example of the many heart-shaped rocks I have collected.

But speaking of trophies, or prizes anyway, we do have a winner from yesterday's Emergency Happy Kit drawing. I am sure it is killing you to know so I won't dilly dally....

The photos tell the story...

My husband's adorable painted wooden Santa bowl. 

The star players.

A little black helper.

Stars face down to avoid seeing the names.

A winner! Congratulations Kimberly! 
Your Emergency Happy Kit will be on its way in the next couple of days!!!

A BIG THANK YOU to all who participated! I loved all of your lists of the things you would include in your Emergency Happy Kits! Chocolate was a common theme, or at the very least some sort of sweet, yummy treat! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Be Happy!


  1. Awwwww... I'm just so happy to see my name on a little cute star being pulled out of an adorable santa bowl- it really is the simple things, huh? AND, now I get the super added bonus of the happy anticipation of a happy kit from Sweden! (Gotta love run-on sentences.) You've made my week! Thank you for all your inspiring happiness! Love, Kimberly

    1. I love that you are so happy to see your name on a star being pulled out of the santa bowl! :-) Your message made me giggle and smile from ear to ear! Love, Grace Ann

  2. Just told Kaley and asked for her list... she said-
    1. Enshala (her favorite stuffed tiger)
    2. Ballerina Christmas ornament ("because she makes me happy and I love ballet")
    3. a picture of Mrs. Walker (her kindergarten teacher from LAST year)
    4. the picture of me and Mommy that I made (it is a Chuck E Cheese photo booth pic that she framed and decorated with Hello Kitty stickers)
    5. the picture of me and Daddy when I was a baby
    ***Note- she didn't even mention chocolate- don't I feel shallow???

    1. This is adorable!!!! You shouldn't feel shallow... everyone needs a bit of chocolate. She'll figure that out in later years. Interesting and so sweet to get a little girl's perspective on what should be in an emergency happy kit. This made me happiest of all! :-D Thanks for sharing it!