Sunday, December 2

Day 337: Winter Wonderland

It's beginning to look more and more like Christmas every day here in Stockholm. Windows all around the city are suddenly being lit up with red or white paper stars, including ours. Julrosor (poinsettias) can be seen in living room and kitchen windows, lit outdoor candles stand just outside the shops warmly inviting you in and Christmas trees and other assorted holiday decor are being sold in the squares around the city. Add to this the beautiful brightness of the snow lying quietly everywhere and you have a truly magical winter wonderland.

Yesterday I saw something quite unusual. The trees along the street where we were walking were standing there with snow all the way up their trunks as well as floating effortlessly in their branches. I don't remember seeing this phenomenon in past years but it must have happened then as well. My husband said it is from wind blowing the snow in that direction and the snow just stays like that. Well, it's amazingly beautiful to see. Almost like seeing a tree skeleton, as the entire tree is lined in white. 

One thing that really amazes me when everything is covered with snow is how quiet and gentle nature seems covered in a white blanket. Everything seems more peaceful and tranquil, like walking on top of clouds. It both invigorates me and makes me feel sleepy. Kitty seems to be affected in a similar fashion. Yesterday I found her under the covers in our bed sleeping the afternoon away. Today, after a short field trip out on our balcony to get acquainted with the snow, she could be found sleeping deeply with ears twitching on her beanbag poof in the living room. I could also be found napping here and there. A wonderful, relaxing weekend recuperating and regenerating for the week.

Now I'm off to see if I can locate our advent candleholder in our Christmas box...

Have a Happy Sunday!

A collection of mini snowmen made by some kids who live in our building. Aren't they cute?

 One example of Sweden's gorgeous winter wonderland... 
Do you see the snow all the way up along the tree trunks? Amazing, isn't it?


  1. Love the beautiful, serene photos of your winter wonderland. It's only about 80 here today :( so enjoy it all!

    1. Thank you Marian! It was -14 C here this morning! REALLY cold!!!! Enjoy your 80 degrees as long as you can! :-)