Sunday, December 9

Day 344: A Lazy Sunday

A lazy Sunday was much needed on this wintery cold day. We ventured out briefly to accompany my sister-in-law to the train station earlier this afternoon and on our way home we picked up a couple of Christmas gifts. Almost done now! Once we were back in the comfort of our apartment we made a b-line to the couch to do a bit of "surfing" and relaxing. Cuddling is good for this kind of weather. And we had a chance to catch up on a couple of episodes of So You Think You Can Dance, Season 2, before we decided we should probably start another load of laundry and figure out what to cook for dinner. Oh... the trials and tribulations of a lazy day at home!

Just when I was thinking that I may need to run to the grocery store to get an ingredient or two for dinner I looked out the window and saw that it was completely hazy and white with snow falling. That settled it for me. I would be staying in and making do with whatever we had in the kitchen. Luckily I discovered that we have pretty much everything we need for a nice big pot of Texas chili with beans and a side of cornbread. There is really nothing better on a cold day. Maybe a hot chocolate, a cup of tea, or a steaming bowl of homemade soup is a close second, third and fourth but chili remains my number one favorite.

After dinner it's back to the couch to watch the most recent episode of Fringe. It makes me so sad that there are only six episodes left before the show is over for good. We think it is one of the best TV series on right now but for some reason other people do not share our view. At first the show was demoted to Friday nights, which in TV speak is the kiss of death, then Fox threatened to not renew them and this went on for a couple of seasons. Now with season five in high gear, we are facing Fringe's final days. So sad.

Well, anyway, back to my lazy Sunday... it feels great to be at home where it is warm and cozy. Especially after our winter snow expedition last night. I have to say however that with it being as cold as it was yesterday and me being from Texas, I was pretty impressed with my ability to endure not only the cold but the difficulty of trudging through the snow, sand, gravel and ice. It's like walking on an ice cold beach with soft, deep sand. I am sure it is great exercise (my thighs are letting me know today) but I am perfectly happy with being at home today, where it is warm, there is a bathroom nearby and a soft, cuddly kitty to visit every now and then.

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