Saturday, December 8

Day 343: Christmas Mys and a Long Winter Walk

After a lovely leisurely morning, my sister-in-law and I headed out on a bus adventure to pick up a few things for dinner and do a bit of neighborhood exploring. There are so many fun boutiques and shops to browse in and we managed to pick up a couple of treats for ourselves as well (one for you, one for me). But as the day was passing us by quickly and we still had high hopes and plans to venture out to Djurgården for a promenade in the snowy wonderland that would take us to Rosendal's Trädgården for a fika (coffee) and more Christmas shopping and browsing. We met up with my husband at home and then left for the subway, which would take us to central station where we would then change to the spårvagn (trolley) out to Djurgården. Well, we all forgot that Skansen, home of the biggest Christmas market in Stockholm, is also on Djurgården and the spårvagn, as well as all of the buses which we soon found out, was greatly delayed due to traffic in and out of Djurgården. So what did we do? We bravely (foolishly) decided to hoof it.

We set out in the direction of Djurgården and quickly began to feel the temperatures dropping as the sun started to makes its way down and finally ducking under the horizon. It was freezing cold! But we continued on, knowing what awaited us at Rosendal's cafe. At one point we thought maybe we would just continue walking a bit and then just turn around and head home, maybe have fika along the way. But I was determined and after deciding it wasn't quite as far away as we thought, we forged on, trudging up the snowy hill to the garden cafe. This time of year they open up their green house for seating as well since it is so cold outside. Believe it or not, however, there were plenty of people standing outdoors eating sandwiches and drinking coffees. Crazy people, if you ask me.

As we approached the cafe I noticed a room on the far side that had just a handful of people in it and, as we made our way with our coffees, warm apple ciders and treats into the busy inner room completely packed with people and humming with everyone's chatter, I remembered that room and ran off to check its status. It was still basically empty. It was wonderful. Warm, quiet and mysig (cozy). We settled in with our treats and warm beverages, attempting to warm our bones and refuel for our journey home. The route home was even colder than our route there. I just checked the temperature and it is currently -17 degrees Celsius. I don't know right off what that is in Fahrenheit degrees but keep in mind that 0 Celsius is freezing. Brrrrrrrrrr. No wonder it felt so cold.

Even with the cold weather we had a great time, took a very long walk and had a lovely fika in a beautiful atmosphere. Now we are at home for the night, where it's warm and cozy. And I am thinking a warm beverage may be in my near future....

Just arriving on Djurgården. The quiet, beautiful natural setting is quite different from the vibrant bustle of the city. 

A magnificent tree displaying it's branches decorated in fresh snow.

Ah.... cozy and Christmasy....

Too lazy to get a second plate, my brie with pickled green tomatoes and cucumber sandwich and my lingon and cardamom cake sit next to one another. Not for long though.


  1. IF (and only if) I had the right clothes... that day you just described seems perfectly delightful. Would love to experience winter in Sweden with you! Thanks for "taking" me there!
    l, kmc

    1. We would love to have you here for a visit! Come! :-)

  2. I love Rosendals!! So jealous you got to get out for a beautiful winter walk! This is just the best time of year!

    1. I thought of you Maddie! I know you love it like I do. It was so cold going there and coming back, I wished I had worn my "sleeping bag" coat! :-) It is really gorgeous right now with all of the snow!