Tuesday, December 4

Day 339: Oh My Clementine

At different times of the year I have favorite fruits. In the summer it's definitely blueberries and strawberries, or maybe nectarines. In the fall, well fall is hard, since I really like summer fruits best but apple pie is a fall favorite. Unless pumpkin counts as a fruit, then I would definitely say pumpkin. But come winter, my favorite fruit, also bearing my favorite color, is a small round ball of fiery joy... the clementine. When they are ripe and fully in season there is nothing better to pop into your mouth for an easy morning snack or afternoon treat. They are equally delicious if you just find yourself bored and need a pick-me-up or something to do. They don't require much time and they are so small you could easily eat two at one sitting. Maybe even three. 

I personally don't even need to be hungry to enjoy one. I can, in fact, eat a large Christmas meal complete with dessert and still, after waddling away from the dining table, find room for a clementine. If I happen to be at your house and you have some sitting around in a bowl, you can be certain to catch me eyeing them lovingly and maybe even sneaking one without asking. They can be eaten so quickly that you probably wouldn't even notice. So if you invite me over during winter in Sweden, guard your clementines, unless you are okay with them slowly disappearing.

Maybe you remember last year when I mentioned my unspoken fight with one of my colleagues to eat the most clementines at the office? We receive a weekly fruit basket delivery and for the most part I ignore it except for the occasional pear, as I prefer organic bananas and I am not terribly big on apples. But as soon as the clementines surface, you can find on most days at least one, if not two, clementines sitting on my desk. This year I seemed to miss that they were out in the grocery stores upon their first arrival but over the weekend I became reacquainted and we are dear old friends once again. And as much as I love to eat your clementines when I am at your house, I may not be as quick to offer them to you if you are at my house. Don't take it the wrong way. I have always been a little bit greedy when it comes to "my candy." 

P.s. Okay, I'm only kidding... but if you brought your own clementines over I wouldn't be mad.

Click here for a fun song: Oh my darlin' Clementine!

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