Wednesday, December 5

Day 340: It's Snow Dreamy in Stockholm

"The snow began, 
falling and falling
drifting carelessly
floating 'round.
The snow swelled,
blowing and blowing
horizontal gusts  
blanketing sound." 
- Anonymous

What is snow if not shimmering elusive flakes that rise up in a flurry, then come to rest, softly blanketing sound? I love the snow. It is soft and pillowy (really cold too), yet strong and demanding. It commands our respect, like the rain. A rain shower can be so pleasant and refreshing, while a hurricane can come through like the devil, wreaking havoc on man and nature. I am not a spring chicken anymore but I am definitely young enough to get around easily and stomp and traipse through deep mounds of snow as the wind attempts to blow me over. When I stepped out at lunch time today I had to wonder how older folks fare with this weather. 

Once I carefully made it down the mördarbacke I headed straight for the subway station. Lucky for me I can walk through the station underground four city blocks away and avoid the nasty sideways blowing snow. My first stop was to mail an Emergency Happy Kit to last weekend's winner. While standing in line I noticed an older woman and an older man in a wheelchair next to her. He was wearing a reflective vest. I couldn't imagine why they would have come out in this weather, but there they were with everyone else, running their errands and ignoring the class two snow storm taking place outdoors. 

After the mail counter transaction was complete I headed back through the subway tunnel in a different direction to one of my favorite restaurants nearby, a Harikrishna vegetarian Indian restaurant called Govindas Vegetariska Restaurang. The food was especially exceptional today, which made me happy that I had ventured out into the storm. I debated walking the three blocks back to the office outdoors but in the end decided I could face that fate later today when there are no subway tunnels handy. 

When I emerged from the subway station back near my office, the snow had started to slow a bit. It wasn't quite as windy so I risked a moment to peek up out of my hood and look around. It was absolutely magical. Marshmellowy mounds of soft snow everywhere and a peaceful quietness permeating the air. It's snow dreamy in Stockholm today for sure. I trudged slowly back up the mördarbacke toward my office. On the way up I snapped the last photo below. The photo above it was created and taken on my way to work this morning adjacent to where I took this photo. I made a heart with my boots, marching around in the snow like a kid. And by the way, my snow heart was long buried under at least a foot and a half of snow when I passed by on my way to lunch. 

 Snow Heart.

Snow Dreamy Stockholm. 

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