Friday, December 14

Day 349: Saving Graces During Winter

Having a pair of cozy, wool house slippers is one of my favorite saving graces during winter in Sweden. On colder evenings, or early mornings, when I just cannot shake the chill of the crisp winter air, no matter how many cups of hot tea or hot chocolate I have had, I simply slide my feet into my woollies and in just a few minutes I start to feel toasty and warm. Of course, another hot chocolate doesn't hurt either.

When I lived in Los Angeles many moons ago one of my friends had a pair of wool slippers with a hard, rubber sole on the bottom. You're probably thinking, "Wool slippers are not an LA necessity," but you'd be wrong and here is why. First of all, because the temperatures are so mild in comparison to other parts of the world (Sweden), the seals around windows and door frames are not necessarily "air tight" and, hence, the cooler evening air sneaks in through the cracks and crevasses, making it feel especially chilly inside. Second of all, earthquake preparedness. Having a pair of hard, rubber-bottomed shoes into which you can quickly slide your toesies is a must in the event that an earthquake forces you out of your home or dwelling.

So as you can imagine, I soon began to feel the need to have a pair myself. So as a wonderful surprise my friend and her mother gave me a pair one Christmas. They were a beautiful olive green and I loved them to their death. That pair was incredibly well loved and has sense been twice replaced, though my first "replacement pair" now live at my place of employment in Stockholm so I that I can warm my toesies at the office as well.

I think you'll agree, however, that my home pair are the coziest, coolest pair ever and you all probably want to run out and get a pair for yourselves. I absolutely love the whimsical red and white zig-zag design on the inside. Just the fact that they are not plain Jane and all one color inside and out makes me so happy I could do a little dance.

Do you have any winter musts? I also have a lovely grey fleece robe with white polka dots that helps to stave off the cold, along with my favorite PJ pants that are grey with black stars on them.

Slightly worn but well loved...

These have traveled from Maine to California to Texas to Sweden... and still going strong(ish)...

This girl was happy that the sun came out today!

Happy Friday Everyone and have a great weekend!

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