Saturday, June 30

Day 182: All Before Two-Thirty P.M.

After all that talk about rhubarb yesterday I got hungry. So I pulled out the leftover, rhubarb crumble, that I had tucked away in the freezer for a rainy day. It's not actually raining now, it's actually sunny and warm and rather gorgeous out but it was rainy all night and part of the morning, so that counts, right? Anyway, we have some friends coming over soon and I didn't have the energy or time to bake something fresh from scratch but wanted to have something homemade and tasty to offer.

Speaking of tasty I baked some brownies last night for my husband to take with him to work today. Yes, sadly he had to go in to the office on Saturday so I figured brownies would help him and his group get through the day. And it was, of course, a given that we would sneak a couple for dessert before packing them up. I can say however, that eating two, chocolate brownies just a couple of hours before going to bed was not such a good idea. I mean that is the only reason I can think of as to why I had insomnia until nearly two-thirty a.m.

I snuck downstairs to sleep on the couch but that plan failed when the cat followed me down thinking it was play time. Lovely. After trying to ignore the "swish, swish, scamper scamper scamper" sounds of her chasing paper balls, I finally opted to go back upstairs to bed at two-twenty a.m., where I proceeded to fall right to sleep. Five minutes later the alarm went off, or at least it seemed like it. Ugh. Why did I say I would get up and make breakfast? Oh yeah, because my husband had to get up and go in to the office. I could always nap later.

The positive side of all of this was that after I made and consumed some coffee I was wide awake so I decided to stay up and get my day going. The getting up part wasn't so fun but once I was settled into the going part, I managed to get a great deal done. I ironed some clothes, washed and put away three loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, vacuumed the entire house and road my bike into town to register to vote and request an absentee ballot for the presidential election this fall. All before two-thirty p.m.

Another positive bit to the story is that none of our guests were interested in eating the rhubarb crumble. So after I had a slice with lots of vanilla sauce, I put the rest in the refrigerator to enjoy tomorrow. I may even eat it for breakfast. Oh and Pina liked the vanilla sauce too.

Btw, tomorrow is day 183... and you know what that means!!!

Sweet dreams... hopefully.

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