Monday, June 18

Day 170: Monday

Typically I would be annoyed by a rainy weekend followed by a glorious, sunny Monday. I mean, who wants to sit indoors all weekend only to go to work on a lovely, warm Monday and have to sit inside all day? Not me. But for some miraculous reason, today I was not annoyed by it, and I'll tell you why. First of all I woke up extremely groggy this morning but I had no headache. That was a major plus already after having had a three, day migraine the previous days. Then the weather forecast reported a warm, sunny and partly, cloudy day, which meant that a) I would get to ride my bike to work and b) that I could wear a skirt or dress and not freeze to death on my way there. Awesome!

So after I packed my breakfast and lunch I headed down to the garage to get on my bike. Sadly however I discovered that my a-line skirt did not have quite enough a-line for riding my bike, if I want to stay upright all the way to work. So I locked my bike and headed back upstairs to change into my new, stretchy, blue dress. It needed a bit of ironing but who cares. I'd be able to ride my bike and not fall down so that was good enough for me at that point. While I was in the apartment I also grabbed the garage door opener (that I forgot on my first attempt to leave). Oops, we'll just chalk that up to it being Monday.

Unfortunately however, during both of my departures, I still managed to leave my keys to the office at home. Yes, I remembered that once I reached the top of the mörderbacke (murderous hill) that I have to climb to get to my office. It truly was a Monday. Ah well. I called one of my colleagues as I stood waiting in front of the office door and lucky for me she was just a couple of minutes away. Day saved!

Normally heading to work on a gorgeous Monday, following a weekend full of rainy, dull weather, I would be very crabby and not so happy. But being able to ride my bike to and from work today more than made up for it. I road along happy that I was not sitting on the stuffy subway or bus and enjoyed feeling the fresh air on my face. It was almost enough to make me like Monday.

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