Sunday, June 24

Day 176: A Black, Little Kitty Waiting...

A black, little kitty waiting to see us when we came in the door this afternoon was the best thing I saw all day. We were all equally happy to see one another and there was evidence all around of the fun that was had in our absence. We'd hired a cat sitter that we found through Katthemmet, the place from which we adopted Pina, and the cat sitting apparently went very well. Pina apparently had some new toys that we saw scattered around the house. There was a small, furry, grey mouse, a colorful ball and a little, furry, brown thing on the floor in the living room, in hall and in  kitchen. Upstairs we found a box on the floor that was previously on the top of our storage shelves and downstairs the dining room rug was scrunched up and folded over in one corner. Someone had a party while her parents were away.

There was lots of purring and scratching behind the ears, lots of kisses and hugs and following around the house. It was a happy reunion and the unpacking of the suitcases was a total hit. The lids lay open, which created wonderful tunnels to crawl through and explore. She was painfully cute to watch as she played and explored and sniffed to approve what we brought home.

Just now she came to assist me with finishing up my writing for today. After checking out the mini, frog figurines sitting on the desk, that I brought home from our Midsummer celebration, and trying to eat my tiny, angel figurine, we had a nice scratching session and behind-the-ears massage, which included a quick lie down and nap, before she headed off to explore what dad was doing downstairs.

It is amazing what joy this furry, little creature brings into my life. There were plenty of highlights today, with spending our last morning at the summer house in Tjörn with my Swedish family, but coming home to our sweet, little, black, kitty cat was certainly a high point. She has the same calming affect on me as sitting on the rocks at Tjörn and looking out over the sea.

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