Friday, June 1

Day 153: Kanelbullar - A Great Way to Start the Vacation


That day just before vacation starts. You go to work, try to remember to set your out-of-office assistant, settle up everything so that there are no loose ends and try not to watch the seconds pass on the clock. Remarkably I was extremely busy today and didn't really have time to watch the clock, other than to make sure I had enough time left to finish everything I needed to do before two p.m. Since today is the last day that all of my colleagues will be in the office together before we all start our summer vacations, I suggested yesterday that we have a fika (Swedish coffee break) today and volunteered to bring the goodies. It's the best way to ensure that the goodies will be GOOD. Kanel (cinnamon) and kardemummabullar (cardamom rolls) from Bästa Bageriet (The Best Bakery) were brought and eaten. I don't know if Bästa Bageriet truly makes the best in Stockholm but they are darn good. What better way to start off my vacation?

And more is always better, right? So after I left work I met my husband and our visiting friends at Hötorget, one of the fabulous indoor markets in Stockholm, to pick up wine, shrimp and bread. Then we snuck over to Vetekatten to pick up more bullar (sweet rolls) for our road trip to Gothenburg tomorrow. I think they make the best in Stockholm. Yeah... they unfortunately did not last for the road trip. Shortly after we got home from our shopping adventure we decided to have a little pick me up and sliced a few of them in fours. They were devoured rather quickly so we decided that we shouldn't leave them for tomorrow. I mean they might not be "good" tomorrow... so we sliced the remaining ones and ate them too. We can always swing by another bakery in the morning on our way out.

This all reminds me of my very, first trip to Sweden, in the summer of 2006. And my very first taste of a kanelbulle. We had gone on a boat tour called Paddan, which means The Toad. It is a flat boat that takes you on a tour around the canals of Gothenburg and under some very, low bridges. I highly recommend it. On the tour, our lovely guide told us of a famous cafe in Gothenburg where you can get kanelbullar "as big as toilet lids." I had to have one. So after the boat tour we made a b-line for Cafe Husaren, which is located in the Old Town area called Haga. This visit to eat the world's, largest kanelbulle started a yearly tradition and even sparked a hunt the following year to find the best, kanelbulle in Sweden. It wasn't so good for the waistband but we had a lot of fun. Maybe we'll get to go there on our trip this weekend!

These things really are the size of toilet lids...

Now I have a very, small head but just look at the size of this thing compared to my head!


  1. I have the same "fondness" for kanelbullar!!!!!!Nothing like it! Haha, loved how you ate them all before the trip!

  2. LOL! Glad you included the photo with you and the giant kanelbulle...gave the whole thing a great perspective. Safe travels!

  3. Barb - Yes, if and when we ever move from Sweden I will definitely miss them. Even though we have made them it's just not the same as from the bakery. Regarding eating them all... it was just one of those things... you take a small bite and next thing you know they are all gone! :-)

    Odella - Thanks! I felt that photo was needed to get an idea of the true size!