Sunday, June 3

Day 155: Necessities to Take on a Trip

I love to travel but there are definitely certain things that are necessities to take on a trip. Last night I discovered that having my earplugs was one of those necessities. After initially falling asleep, I was suddenly awakened by the deep, throbbing base of a nearby music festival. I tried to ignore it but it persisted, annoyingly. I finally forced myself to get up and see if I could find some ear plugs and, as luck would have it, there was a pair in the first place I looked. Ah... relief. I put those suckers in and promptly fell back to sleep. Let me just clarify that this was after I had gotten up three or four times already to adjust the AC because I was roasting. I finally found the complimentary robe and used that as a cover. It worked temporarily but the ear plugs were the icing on the cake. Sleep finally was mine.

I found on our boat tour this morning that I was really happy as well to have my polar-fleece vest and jacket AND my rain jacket. I would not have been opposed to having gloves and a winter hat either, it was so windy and cold. The day finally warmed up a bit but the wind was still relentless. Pretty bizarre considering our unseasonably warm weather in the past few weeks. My husband read that temperatures were a record low for Sweden the last couple of days. Welcome to Sweden!

But the best, most absolutely, perfect things to have when I am traveling are our cherished friends (or family). This we first discovered last summer when my parents came to visit and later that same summer when another couple of our dear friends from Texas came to visit us. There is nothing so comforting as the warm, long-time relationships of great friends and family.

On this trip we have two, wonderful and cherished friends with us and that makes me very happy.

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