Wednesday, June 20

Day 172: Lady Bug Crossing

Yesterday a lady bug crossed my path. I'm not sure what it was that made me look down as I was rushing out to pick up something for lunch, but I looked down and there she was. Red, shiny and moving in a slow but determined manner. Perhaps she too was rushing out to pick up something for lunch. Contrasted against the faded, grey cement her small, red shell floated effortlessly across the pavement. Her little journey (not to be confused with a Tjörney) sent a cheery hello that brightened my day.

Finding a lady bug is supposed to be good luck and I figure coupled with the bad luck of a black cat crossing one's path, having a lady bug cross my path was like double the good luck. Which makes me wonder... If I have a black cat that is nearly, solid black, with the exception of a single, white hair on her chest, does that also cancel out any bad luck if (or when) she crosses my path (repeatedly)? I'm thinking that, like the lady bug crossing bringing me good luck, having a special, black kitty, with a single, white hair, is bound to be extra, quadruple, good luck. Right?

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