Friday, June 15

Day 167: Wally the Lamb

We planned and planned for our friends' recent visit. Way in advance we knew they were coming and time passed by so slowly as we waited for the day to arrive. Then it came and suddenly time went into fast-forward mode. Next thing I knew we were saying our goodbyes... until next time. It was so much fun having them here. We shared many laughs. We laughed until we cried and then we laughed some more. We rode our bikes, we shopped and then we rode our bikes some more. 

For one of our friends it was the first time for her to travel to Sweden. It was great fun to explore our city from the fresh eyes of someone who has never been here before. And it was really fun to go around and re-discover things for myself all over again as well. It always happens that my favorite adventures are the ones that were mostly spontaneous, or the least planned anyway. It is probably because there is less expectations. You'd think I would learn from this but I still like to plan. 

Something completely unplanned however was discovering two, small gifts and cards waiting for us in the guest bedroom yesterday evening. We all sat in the guest room, me, my husband and our cat, Pina, who by the way, loved our friends so much. She was always in their room with them while they were here so it seemed appropriated that we sat in there to read our cards and open our gifts. Mine was the lovely, little lamb in the photo below. It is a candle snuffer and I think it is so very adorable. I absolutely love it!

During one of the days they were here, we were all in Gamla Stan doing some shopping and looking around and I showed these ceramic, candle snuffers to one of our friends, who I thought would also love them. I don't know how they snuck to pay for it and have it wrapped while we were there, or if maybe they bought it on another day. It was very sneaky regardless. He looks so sweet (I think it's a he) so I named him Wally. Pina really likes Wally too. She licked his nose a few times and tried to eat him. 

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