Friday, June 22

Day 174: Midsummer Dreams

For Midsummer day the weather is very spring-like. Warm-ish but cloudy with a few raindrops scattered here and there. The day began with lots of sunshine and soft, summery breezes so I can't really complain since it could have rained the entire day.

One thing I really love about celebrating holidays in Sweden is the concentration and focus on food. Maybe it's just my husband's family, I'm not sure, but we always eat very well. Lunch turned out to be quite successful with a leek, Karl-Johan svamp (porcini mushroom), shallot, Parmesan cheese quiche and salad, with a cake that I baked yesterday for dessert. There were six of us and we ate everything. I was particularly pleased with the cake, which was made with cardamom, almonds, pears and a "bit" of butter and sugar. It was so moist and rich with the fragrant taste of freshly ground cardamom, a flavor that I have grown very fond of since our move to Sweden. I will definitely make it again.

Now after a nice walk, during which we picked wild flowers and a short, afternoon nap, the real festivities shall shortly begin. Sill (pickled herring), fresh potatoes and schnapps await us, with the most delicious meringue and strawberry cake for dessert. Mums! As they say in Sweden, which means Yum!!!

Despite the weather we have had a wonderful day and evening and now we head to bed for hopefully a night full and heavy with happy dreams. I picked seven different wild flowers to put under my pillow as I sleep. It is a ritual that young women usually do in hopes to dream about the man they will marry. I am hoping instead to dream about a tiny baby that we will perhaps get to meet in nine months. It's probably a long shot but one never knows! I will sleep with that hope in my heart. Sweet midsummer dreams!

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