Saturday, June 9

Day 161: A Pretty Near Perfect Day

Happiness today came in the form of two scoops of cold delightfulness on a cone. One yogurt with mint and lime and one pecan with maple. Can you say yum? Nothing says vacation and summer quite like a perfect, double-scoop cone. I savored every, single bite. It really is a shame that this amazing, ice cream place is just across the street from our apartment building. A shame for our waistlines, that is. But seriously, eating that ice cream cone this afternoon made me wish my vacation and summer could go on and on forever, like summers were when I was a kid. Do you remember when summer seemed like it lasted an eternity? Ah... those days...

Today was a pretty, near, perfect day however, filled with almost all of my favorite things: shopping, eating good food, looking at inspiring art and spending time with two of our favorite people from Texas. We took them to visit some of my favorite stores in Stockholm. And they will be taking a little something home from each of these stores. That too makes me happy. Not that our friends were parted from their money, but that they found things that they wanted in these stores that have become dear to my heart. It makes me feel like they are taking home a part of me as well.

Our shadows at Stureplan in Stockholm...

On our way to Magasin 3. (Note the orange stripe in my husband's bag)

A photo of a photo from the Fairytale exhibit by Ai WeiWei. (Note her orange umbrella)

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