Saturday, June 23

Day 175: Lugn och Ro

There is something that happens to my physical body when I am out in nature. It's like all of my molecules are disassembled and then reassembled so that all of my movements are slower and more deliberate. Everything moves at a peaceful and calm pace. There is no place to go and no hurry to get there. Have you ever watched ants during their work day? They move at a similar pace. Slow and deliberate with no stress or rush.

Lugn och ro, which means peace and quiet in English, is the Swedish expression for this feeling. There is no hurry or deadlines to meet, absolutely nothing that must be done other than eat, sleep and relax. Ok, a bit of cooking and cleaning here and there but out here it hardly feels like work.

If only I could capture this feeling and bottle it to take home with me. Like a magic potion from Alice in Wonderland, I could take a swig when I'm feeling stressed or just need to recall this feeling. In a matter of seconds I could find my stresses shrunk down to a miniature-sized trinket that could then be tucked away in a drawer or box.

But until I've found a way to perfect this idea, I will just sit back and enjoy the "lugn och ro" here at the summer house and try to hold on to this feeling as long as possible.

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