Wednesday, June 6

Day 158: The Way to Pie

Today we were on a hunt but we didn't know what for. There was just something missing...

We got on our bikes and headed out to Djurgården, which is a beautiful island situated in the middle of Stockholm and is also part of the Royal National Park. It is mostly forest and nature areas, complimented with museums, restaurants and even a few, elite, private homes. We set out to ride the island's perimeter and on the way we met a family of swans. They were so cute. The parents were fishing for food and teaching their young how to do it as well. One of the adults would turn upside-down, tail straight up in the air, and one of the babies would try to mimic mom or dad. The babies could not quite get completely upside down like their parents but they were trying again and again. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

There is a lovely, outdoor cafe on the island called Rosendal's Trädgården and we usually have lunch there when we are out on bike rides in the vicinity. Many of the ingredients used in their food are organic and come from their extensive farms. The food is delicious and the grounds are beautiful, creating a wonderful combination of relaxation and peacefulness. Being out on our bicycles always makes me happy. 

We were having a great time and the weather was simply amazing so we decided more is better and, instead of calling it a day and heading home, we decided to ride further on to the northern part of Djurgården and visit the location of my kayaking course from last week. Riding through the forest and then through the open, country side did wonders for my soul. There is just something about having the wind blowing against my skin and the sun shining down on my face that makes the day get brighter. 

After a brief rest on the docks of the kayak barn we decided that a cup of coffee would hit the spot. I had one idea of a place nearby and so we headed off in it's direction, only to find it closed. However, we saw so many cars and people around, I thought there must be something going on besides family picnics. And sure enough, just around the corner we happened upon a cafe that was, indeed, open. Skafferiet i Ekoparken it was called. And what a lovely, little spot. Little did we know that our adventure would lead the way to pie. 

The four of us shared a mouth-watering slice of rhubarb and raspberry pie, served with fresh, whipped cream, that I am pretty sure we all wanted to gobble down ourselves after the first bite. But we were polite and took our turn taking bites until there was one bite left. No one dared eat it but when the time to leave drew near, one of our friends said it would be a shame to leave that last bite. To which my husband replied, "Oh, there will be no pie staying here." Everyone was being very polite and no one went for it. So I lurched in and took a small bite of it and someone else finished it off. There was no pie staying.

Along the coast of Djurgården...

Our family of swans, swan-diving...

Map of the North Djurgården where we road later in the day...

Skafferiet in Ekopark...

 The Pie.


  1. Looks like a wonderful day! I love the pie photo- could use a piece myself :)

  2. Katie - It was a perfect, extraordinary day!!!! You should try this cafe! Everything looked delicious and it was a lovely environment! PS. We went to Kaffe today and had toast! mmmmmm..... Hope you are doing well!