Saturday, June 2

Day 154: An Orange Swan

Our god daughter, well to be accurate, my husband's god daughter and mine (luckily) by default, lives in Brighton, England with her parents. She is beautiful, bright and witty and just lovely overall. Her mother was recently moving some furniture in her bedroom and came across the drawings below, tucked secretly within the pages of a book and dated a few years ago when she was just seven years old. When I first saw these drawings I smiled with joy. I became instantly happy and filled with the urge to print and frame them. They are fun and whimsical and, in my opinion, brilliant. I mean, seven years old? She has given these creature, not only shape and color, but lives of their own. The hippo seems to know her well enough that she(or he) knows that she is better at flamingos and wouldn't mind sacrificing the body of the hippo to be one instead and the orange swan, my favorite color by the way, has the intelligence to actually know about shape shifters. I know many adults who do not know what shape shifters are. This lovely, young lady is Caitlin, though she prefers Cat now. I hope she continues to have such a wonderful sense of imagination and expression throughout her life. To see art created my young people makes me immensely happy. I have some drawings that one of my nephews and I drew together when he was three years old that I love equally as well. There is something so beautiful and innocent about life seen through the innocence of a child. I think anyway. What do you think?


  1. :)

    Honorary God-mother and Caits is lucky to have you in her life :)


  2. Thank you Jo... I too feel lucky to have her in mine!

    Odella - Me too!!! :D