Saturday, June 16

Day 168: Babajan

Change is good, right? It might be but I don't always like it. Last night we decided to ride our bikes over to one of our favorite, hole-in-the-wall taco places, who's name will remain unmentioned, for a quick, inexpensive bite to eat. My husband wanted to have Indian food but I had eaten it for lunch on Thursday and then I'd eaten the leftovers for lunch yesterday and wasn't really feeling like Indian food for a third time so soon. However, as we were rolling up the street to the restaurant, I was thinking in my head, "I guess we can go for Indian food if it's closed." Now, why would I think that? Premonition, maybe? Because, as it turns out, they were in fact closed. Not closed as in we got there too late, but closed as in out of business. What a major bummer. It was our second favorite taco place in Stockholm and good taco places are difficult to come by in Sweden.

So my husband said, "Well, we can try that place we saw a while back when we were out exploring." Which place was this? There was a vague memory of it in my mind. It was around the corner he thought so I said, "OK." We headed over and found Babajan exactly where we had discovered it back in the fall last year. Babajan is a world, food bar that serves Indian, African and Thai food. It turned out that having dinner there was a great idea, though a bit more expensive than our taco place would have been. We both had the vegetarian thali, which was a plate with an assortment of different dishes, such as lentils, carrot salad, yogurt raita, pappadam and chutney etc. It was delicious!

I love to explore and try new things and Babajan is definitely a place we will be making a return visit to. There are so many restaurants to try in Stockholm and going to Babajan renewed my interest in exploring them. It is so easy to get caught up in going to the same places all the time. It is easy and comforting to return the the familiar, especially when I already know that I like a certain restaurant, but discovering new places does something for my soul. The new restaurants may not always qualify for a return visit but trying new things broadens my horizons and helps me appreciate the places I already know and love. So, thank you Babajan and thank you unnamed, closed-for-business, taco place.

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