Sunday, May 27

Day 148: A Good Sore

What a weekend. We road our bikes hard, we worked hard and we slept hard. My husband recently bought a cargo bicycle and he's been itching to ride it so we decided to take it for a test spin yesterday. We road out to Bromma to a super store called XXL, which sells outdoorsy gear and clothing at discounted prices. I had bought a pair of hiking boots online and thought I needed a different size so that was our main reason for the trip. Well, we each ended up leaving with an additional pair of shoes, in addition to the ones I brought to exchange, and I also managed to find a swimsuit. There were also some fun, red, rain boots that wanted to go home with me but I could not justify three pairs of shoes in one day. The rain boots would have to wait.

Afterward we headed next door to pick up some cat food at the pet, super store, Zoo. Twenty pounds later and after a quick bite to eat, we were on our way home with a forty-minute bike ride ahead of us. The time and distance was not the issue however. The issue was that no matter what route we took it would be up and down hills and through the city to get back home. We were completely wiped out when it was all said and done. After picking up a quick ice cream to reward ourselves, we showered and were in bed by nine p.m. On a Saturday night. What can I say? We are low-maintenance weekenders.

Today we had another cargo-bike adventure planned. So after popping a couple of Advil, we headed out again. This time to the plant nursery to get some, new, spiffy plants for our balcony. I wanted something exotic and unique and had been eying some gorgeous, Japanese maples but finding an assortment that worked well with them was a chore and finally my husband went to sit in the shade while I figured it out. I passed several options by him and we finally left with a happy medium. Again, a forty-minute ride home, up and down hills and through the city. By the time we made it home we were sore to say the least. But it is a good sore and we have a lot to show for all of our hard work. See for yourselves...

The husband and his cargo baby... the clockwork orange Bullit. It's pretty rad.

Our little (curious) helper... Kitty don't eat those! That's not cat grass!

The finished product. Not too shabby...

And saving the best for last... my beloved Marimekko vaxduk (oilcloth) table cloth and our lovely balcony, flower boxes... refreshed and renewed!


  1. Love the tablecloth. Wish I had your stamina for biking.

  2. Very cute!! I think it is time for a garden party to enjoy those flowers... maybe 18 flavors!?!?!?!

  3. Thanks y'all!
    Odella - I have been eying this oilcloth for a year now and even though it was a bit on the expensive side I decided to go for it. Hopefully we'll have it for years. The bicycling stamina comes with practice. I am still practicing ;-).
    Greta - I think you are right! Maybe some summer cocktails in July?? and then 18 flavors... :-D