Wednesday, May 2

Day 123: Rhubarb Saft

Spring and summer in Sweden almost have the exact opposite affect on me as winter. Instead of feeling down, depressed and tired I feel happy, upbeat and energetic. Almost to the same extreme that I feel yucky in winter. Oh, I'm not complaining, I just wish I could find a way to bottle it and store it away for the winter, like making fruit preserves or canning vegetables. Or making saft (a concentrated syrup made of berries or other, juicy fruits that can be bottled and stored through the winter)! Or consumed immediately, if it happens to be rhubarb saft.

Saft is normally consumed by mixing a small amount (or large depending on your tastebuds) with regular or sparkling water. I personally prefer it with sparkling water but it is just as good with regular. The closest thing in the US I can compare it to is lemonade or kool-aid, or if you are familiar with the Mexican beverage, agua fresca.

You might recall my post a couple of weeks ago about the rhubarb soda I discovered at our trade fair booth when I was in Frankfurt? Well, I was able to smuggle a bottle of it home for my husband and he too loved it. We started planning how to either import it to Sweden or make it ourselves. He then suggested that we buy some rhubarb saft at the grocery store, since rhubarb is after all in season now. Who knew?

Hemköp, where we usually do our grocery shopping, did not carry any rhubarb saft but by some stroke of luck I found it at the ICA around the corner. Score! Let me just tell you... it is so awesome. Delicious and refreshing and did I mention addicting? It is the perfect spring or summer drink. I plan to buy everything they have at this particular store and hoard it until winter when we need a reminder of the joys of summer. What do you think? Am I completely crazy?

And now what you've been waiting for.... the Random Drawing results!

Are you ready for it? Here it comes............the winner is..............


Congratulations on being the winner of my first Happy Package Giveaway! Yes, I said it, FIRST Happy Package Giveaway. I had so much fun that I will definitely do it again. 

Pina, our kitty, had a great time as well and really wanted to assist me with the drawing.....

See for yourselves......

Is this a toy for me?! Oh.....look at the ribbon....and those pretty, blue pieces of paper...

No kitty, wait! That's not breakfast!

Ultimately my husband was "hired" to select the lucky winner. (I paid him with kisses, just like when he wins the bets).

I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of you who visited my blog and commented on my milestone post yesterday. I want to also thank all of you who visited but did not comment. Your love was still felt!

Hope to hear from you all again! I love hearing about the things that make you happy or brighten your days. 

Until then... Be Happy!


  1. Congrats to Greta!!! GA- even your pretty blue slips of paper in the lovely blue bowl exude happiness! I especially love the kitty ears pic! Have a happy day! kmc

  2. I enjoy your blog every single day. Love, Mom

  3. Thanks kmc! :-) Hope you have a happy day too! ;-)
    Thank you mom! I am so glad that you are enjoying my blog! Love you too!

  4. Let us know what you got Greta!! That was fun GA and even though I didn't win, I still plan to read every entry of your blog. Maybe not comment but certainly read.

  5. Congrats, Greta :-). You'll have to share with us, what you got! ;-).
    Grace Ann, I love reading your blog. Keep it up!!! :-)

  6. Thank you bc_williamson and karbar!

  7. Thank you everyone for your congratulations!! I am excited to be the winner!! My prize was fantastic!! I got really cute organic bicycle candy, a beautiful happy swedish dish sponge and a super cute blue swedish handicraft rooster! I took a photo and sent it to Grace Ann, so she will post it, me with my treasures! I am so excited to have my happiness rooster next to my desk at work to remind me to choose to be happy (and also to read your blog!!) I have to also confess that I got an extra happiness present... I had personal delivery of my happiness package by everyone's favorite, Grace Ann herself!! We enjoyed frozen yogurt and great discussion together so I feel super blessed and super happy today!!

    Thank you Grace Ann for your blog and my happiness giveaway. Can't wait to see you again soon!!