Thursday, May 24

Day 145: Hipster Pouch

I just want to start of with saying that I road my bike to work today for the fourth day in a row. Fours days may not seem like much but for me it was a great feat. The past couple of weeks I've ridden my bike to work but only a couple of days out of the week. It was partly due to the weather but I can't blame it entirely on that. But before you congratulate me I need to come clean. As I started out today my legs felt like lead. I figured they just needed to warm up but after ten minutes they still felt heavy and I felt like I was hauling bricks. By the time I was almost to work they were not really working so hard to get me up that last, murderous hill (mördarbacke in Swedish) where my office sits. I tried but I must sadly admit that I gave in and walked my bike up the rest of the way. This was after telling my husband just yesterday that it was starting to get easier to ride up the hills. Ha. Well, at least I was on my bike, right? I can happily say however that on my ride home I managed to ride up all of the hills. And I even passed a few people. That's good, right?

So anyway, today I became a hipster. Okay, maybe that is a stretch but I succumbed to a hipster purchase. I bought a hipster pouch for my iPhone. It is actually quite handy and if it weren't so overly hip I'd venture to say that it is an ultra, practical way to carry my iPhone. It is basically a leather pouch with a thin, leather strap that you wear around your neck. It's kind of like a mini purse that's just for your iPhone. (If it wasn't so hip I'd have to just call it plain cute) I recently started carrying a backpack as my handbag and if I am not wearing a jacket with pockets or pants with large enough pockets, it is a bit of a pain to constantly take my bag off of my back to check my phone for messages, take a photo (because I am snap happy) or answer a call. Not that I can ever hear it ring anyway but whatever! My cool, new, hipster pouch will be a great alternative. And it's sexy, don't you think?

Made in Sweden...

And I'm... so sexy in my pouch...


  1. I have one too, though a different brand...and I love it!

  2. They are pretty awesome, aren't they? I figure we'll start to see more and more people with them. :-)