Monday, May 21

Day 142: Pinbag

My husband bought a web camera some years ago after his house was broken into and he had several bicycles stolen. Yes, I said several. He sort of collects them. Bikes, that is. But anyway that is another story. So the webcam was installed and always on after that. Our friends who house sat for us knew it was there and they would wave some times and pick up our cat, Clove, and wave his paw at us. The house was never broken into again, thank goodness, but the webcam became a sort of tool for watching our cat, or rather hoping to catch a glimpse of our cat, when were were traveling for work or pleasure.

Fast forward to Stockholm two years later and the webcam has been sitting disconnected on a shelf in our living room since we moved in. Then we got a cat. I asked my husband, "Can we use that webcam here in Stockholm?" It was probably a silly question but I am not gadget friendly so it seemed like a logical question to me, given that many electronics cannot be used internationally without specific transformers etc. I don't remember if he had a smarty pants reply but most likely he did. Regardless the webcam was up and running in no time and soon we were sitting at work spying on our cat at home.

In the beginning she was no where to be found until the afternoon. Apparently she had a routine. Somewhere else during the morning hours and then couch surfing in the afternoon. Nearly every day we would be able to catch at least a glimpse of one ear or the top of her back as she slept curled up in a ball. Sometimes we saw the whole kitty. She was pretty curious about the camera too. One day we saw the edge of her little head sniffing the camera. She was on the shelf with the webcam! Have I mentioned that she is very curious? When we are logged in remotely on our computers at work there is the option to move the camera up and down or side to side. As the camera moves it makes a soft, whirring sound and her keen ears perk up and she often looks up at the camera. Clever kitty.

Except today. She was sound asleep and didn't budge. But before I start on another subject let me add that it was maybe a month or so ago that she first started climbing up into one of our bean bag chairs and claiming it as her own. She sleeps there and when I say "sleeps", I mean she sleeps, stretches, does kitty yoga and even circus contortions. She is an endless source of entertainment in that bean bag, that has since been nicknamed the "Pinbag."

Sometimes days and even weeks go by and I forget to login to the webcam from work to see what she is up to. Today I remembered and when I logged in, there she was, all curled up and sleeping in a ball. Every thirty or so minutes I would look at the webpage to see what she was doing and each time she was sleeping in a different position. Her final position was something like the photo below. She never ceases to put a smile on my face. Our little Pina cat.

This pinbag is soooo comfortable...

I really like lying here and watching TV with my mom and dad...

I'm actually on the couch in this one but I am just so cute she couldn't resist posting it!

Did you say something? I was just sleeping with my tail in a loop...

I am very graceful and ladylike... but this weird, bird thing is sticking to my tongue.

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