Saturday, May 5

Day 126: Cow Party

Dear Mrs. Cow,

Thank you for sharing your joy with me today. I really loved watching you skipping gleefully from the barn out into the field, butting heads with your girlfriends, playing queen of the dirt pile and grazing in the grass. Your milk-laden udders, full and heavy, swinging back and forth as you sprang from one end of the field to the other, made my heart skip a beat with happiness. I can imagine that the joy and exhilaration you feel today must be similar to how we humans feel when after winter, we are finally able to shed our coats and allow the sunshine to actually penetrate our skin instead of incubating us inside our clothing.

I can actually relate to how it must have been for you to be cooped up in the barn all winter without being able to frolic in the sunshine or munch on the grass. Winters in Sweden are apparently tough for you cows as well. Do you light candles in the barn to make it cozy when the dark and gloomy winter is upon you? Do you and your girlfriends hang out and eat potato chips or other, cow treats on Fridays in celebration of fredagsmys (see Day 27: Fredagsmys)? I like to imagine that you cows also get to experience fredagsmys to help you get through the long winters. If you have not experienced this perhaps I should have a chat with your farmer.

Anyway, I noticed as we were leaving the farm today that the sun was finally starting to come out. This made me happy knowing that you and your girlfriends would be frolicking about and basking in the warmth, while celebrating your first day of freedom in six or more months. It turned out to be a lovely day for a cow party after all.

Grace Ann

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