Wednesday, May 16

Day 137: Nine Lives

If kitties really have nine lives does that mean that we could essentially have the same cat (in different bodies of course) throughout our lifetime? The other day I picked up Pina Bausch, Pina for short, and while I was holding her I got the sense that my previous cat, Clove, was nearby. I looked her in the eyes and asked, "Are you really Clove?" She just blinked at me. I guess I will never know for sure and it is probably a completely silly idea but I kind of like it.

Our pets become our families. There is a thick bond that develops between us humans and our furry friends and it can be difficult to let go of them when they leave us to go to animal heaven. Clove was my orange tabby and he was a great, little guy. He adopted me in the summer of 1994 and was with me until the fall of 2009. He was one adventurous cat. We moved from Texas to California and then back to Texas and he was a trooper through it all.

After having him for so long it was hard to think of getting another kitty once he was gone. We lost my husbands kitty, Kiki, just a couple of years before Clove left us and we missed them dearly. Both my husband and I felt that we needed the time to heal and be ready to allow another furry monster to steal our hearts. Then suddenly this past December I was ready. A couple of our Swedish friends were trying to find a home for their kitty, Viggo, who had been living with one of their parents. The parents were getting older and were having a more difficult time taking care of the kitty and our friends felt it was time to find Viggo another home.

My husband wanted Viggo. We were both a bit apprehensive. He was an older cat and we had pictured getting a kitten the next time we decided to have a kitty again. But the decision was made and we were excited to welcome him into our home. The weekend he was to come our friends called to say that it was not going to happen after all. Her father was not about to let Viggo go. We were disappointed but suddenly we were excited at the prospect of getting a new kitty.

Fast forward a couple of months and Pina was moving in. When we first met her my husband thought she was shifty. And she probably was a bit but I loved her from the start. When we would discipline her she would go hide under the red cabinet. We let her be. Mostly anyway. I tried coaxing her out and would lay with my head under the red cabinet, trying to convince her that she would have more fun if she came out.

Tomorrow it will be officially four months since she came to live with us and she has really come out of her shell. She sleeps with us, climbs her scratching-post tree like a wild monkey and runs around the house after she goes to the litter box like a crazy cat. She is one of the cutest and funniest cats I have ever had. I don't know if kitties are reincarnated or not but if they are then Snow White, Jinx, Ferris, Priscilla, Joshua Benedict Streubenguss, Onödan, Clove, Kiki and Pina Bausch have had one long, wonderful life. It's a happy thought none-the-less.

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