Tuesday, May 15

Day 136: Food Happy

From the moment I woke up this morning I felt that it was going to be a rough day. And by rough I mean that I knew I was going to be fighting a headache ALL DAY. Those of you who get migraines will know what I mean. Sometimes you can just tell that the headache is not going to go away. No matter what you do, you just have to ride it out until it is finished with you. I suppose it serves me right.

Yesterday I got home from work to find that kitty had been accidentally locked inside one of our closets by the woman who cleaned our apartment earlier in the day. I came home from work and there was no kitty there to greet me. This isn't entirely strange. She has gotten pretty comfortable with us and doesn't always come to the door to greet us anymore. Especially if she is in the middle of her afternoon napping time. But anyway, there was no kitty. I called her. Still no kitty. I went around the house frantically opening doors to rooms and closets calling her. Finally I heard her scratching to get out of the downstairs closet.

I slid the door open and she casually strolled out the other end. Cool as a cucumber. I think it probably stressed her out regardless of how unbothered she appeared because she was not particularly interested in playing like she usually is and she went to her "chair" and promptly fell asleep earlier in the evening than usual. I was extremely angry. And apparently stressed. My automatic self took over and walked me to the pantry where I pulled out and opened a bag of barbecued potato chips and started comfort eating them. Last time I ate these exact same chips I ended up with a migraine the following day as well. I should have known better but I guess I was hoping that it was something else that caused the previous migraine. Sigh. As I said before, it serves me right.

A few minutes ago I started thinking about what we could have for dinner tonight and my shoulders automatically hunched forward. It made me tired just to think about it. I walked to the copy machine to pick up something I printed out and suddenly I remembered the text conversation with my husband from earlier when I brilliantly came up with the idea to use the leftover fake chicken to make tacos for dinner. Yes! Leftovers tonight! My shoulders lifted and I suddenly felt more energetic. We had everything we needed to accompany it which meant no trip to the grocery store either. Ole!

I got on my bike and road home. Once I arrived I was so happy I didn't have to come up with a dinner idea from scratch that I found myself feeling more inspired. Suddenly corn muffins with green chilis and cheese sounded like an awesome accompaniment to the tacos and black beans. Ah... food happy. It probably shouldn't be but food is often the source of my happiness. I can't help it. I love to eat!

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