Friday, May 25

Day 146: "Lilacs are my Rhubarb"

Everyone has a thing that makes them happy or cheers them up. For some of my friends that thing is chocolate. Or a glass of red wine. For my husband it usually is his computer and the Internet. When I am having a really, tough day the thing that cheers me up the most is going for a walk and being out in nature. It is always better if the weather is nice. But even it it is not particularly nice, a walk does the trick. The sunshine, fresh air and other outdoor elements do something that alters my brain. It is like they seep into my skin and give me a fresh, new perspective. I always feel more relaxed and refreshed. Sometimes I even find some inspiration.

Yesterday a friend of mine sent me a message asking if I had any happy to share. She was having a rough morning and having a hard time finding her happy. She'd had taken a nasty spill on her bicycle that morning on her way to work. She was okay but it had put her in a funk and she was having a hard time shaking it off. I told her that sometimes you have to just appease the [grumpy] monster and go have an ice cream and sit in the sun. There is not much that cannot be fixed with ice cream and sunshine. I'd say especially ice cream, but then I'd also have to say especially sunshine. They pretty much both work.

Not too long after I received her first message, she sent me this lovely photo of blooming lilacs that she'd come across durning her lunch break. She picked sunshine as her quick, happy fix. "Lilacs are my rhubarb," she told me in a text message. You all know how I feel about rhubarb so that means she REALLY likes lilacs. I can see why. Look at how gorgeous and cheerful they are. And their scent is intoxicating. She said it was surprising to see how many people stopped to smell them as they walked by. I pass a huge bush of lilacs on my way up that mean hill that I have to go up to get to my office. You know, that mördarbacke that has tried to kill me every day this week as I attempted to beat it on my bicycle? I won today by the way. Such a good feeling. 

Slightly altered in Instagram with the filter amaro.

The original in all its beauty... Thank you my sweet friend for sharing your lilac happy with me!


  1. Sweet...I love them too...I have the scent from my neighbours next door....getting outdoors is my "depression drug!" I so love the English countryside...I do forget my troubles! I love gardening too and nurturing my plants...I have to say I dont have the heart to prune or weed or get rid of stuff as much as I should!! I collect! Oh well...there could be worse problems!

  2. I love being outdoors in nature. Gardening, enjoying the gardening of others or just taking in nature's beauty. Sometimes the "weeds" are beautiful flowers. Hard to know where to draw the line! Love your gardening blog! Thank you for stopping by to comment!