Saturday, May 12

Day 133: A Two Kanelbulle Kind of Day

Whenever there is beautiful weather outside I feel obligated to be out enjoying it. Just like all good Swedes, taking in a good dose of vitamin D and enjoying one of the many parks located right in the heart of the city. So an occasional, rainy day like today is good for getting things done at home. Things like laundry, petting the cat, eating toast with butter and apricot jam and running a couple of neighborhood errands between rain showers. These hours between late morning and early afternoon are my best time for getting things done. It is when I have the most energy and am feeling my most creative.

Kitty however prefers to sleep in a drawer during this time of day. She looks so cute curled up in there that I am forced to go peek in on her every hour or so to give her a kiss and scratch on the head. And I can honestly say that after going into the city this afternoon and getting caught in a few showers, I think kitty had the better idea. Next rainy day I am staying home with a book and a cup of tea. I don't think I can fit in the drawer with kitty but maybe she'll join me on a corner of the couch.

My husband ended up having to go into the office today. The plan to spend a few hours and be home by early afternoon turned in to a very long day. Longer in fact that most of his regular days. I felt bad for him and his guys but it was a small bonus for me to have the opportunity to wander aimlessly around downtown without needing to be anywhere, stopping in random stores to have a look and finally settling down at a cafe for a (two) kanelbulle (cinnamon roll) snack. At first I ordered them to go thinking I would head home and enjoy one while having a cup of tea but as I walked toward the door to leave it started raining so I spotted an empty table and sat down. Next thing I knew I had eaten both of them! I guess it turned out to be a two kanelbulle kind of day.

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