Wednesday, May 9

Day 130: "Laughing is the Same Everywhere in the World"

This morning it felt a little cooler out than the past few days but I was determined to wear my new ivory sweater and orange, skinny jeans. I've been airing the sweater out now for a couple of weeks because it smelled of perfume and I was afraid that I might get a headache from the scent. I sniffed it and thought the scent had tamed down enough to wear it so on it went. Even though it was cloudy out and with rain in the forecast, which usually means cold in Sweden. I also skipped riding my bicycle today and took the subway instead. Call me chicken but it was cold yesterday while I was riding in the sun and without any sun today I was not interested in taking my chances. Remarkably I have no strange or unpleasant incidents to report from my commute.

So there I was at the office in my new, summery sweater. And even though spring has officially arrived, with the coolness in the air today and lack of sunshine it felt like I was wearing a fishing net. The sweater is quite thin and the weave is fairly open and even with a tank top underneath the cool air was giving me a good chill. I fished my scarf out of my bag and wrapped myself up. It helped some but what ultimately warmed me up was a lovely cup of tea. I generally keep a box of Yogi tea at my desk for this very reason. It's good for the body as well as the soul and the tea bags have these cute, little, feel-good quotes on the tabs. Each tea bag has a different quote. Given the fact that I love a warm, cup of tea and I love happy quotes, enjoying a cup of Yogi tea this morning with its feel good quote was like having my own private, happy moment. Now if I had only had a biscotti to go with it...

Reading this quote made me smile. It is so true. Laughing is the language that unites us all no matter what our differences are. Wishing you a happy moment filled with smiles and laughter today! 

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