Sunday, May 6

Day 127: Big Kitty Cats

So we wandered out on another bicycling adventure today. From the description in my "Bicycling Walks Around Stockholm" book it seemed that we would be riding on a path along the water most of the time with cafes interspersed along the way. Sounds lovely, right? Unfortunately there was a lot of construction going on along the water as well and there were a few detours which led us not so much along the water. Did I mention the hills? I should have counted them but I didn't. Let's just saw there were a lot of them. It was grueling but I road up each one, determined not to walk my bike up. 

At one point during our ride my husband asked, "Did you see those big kitty cats?" "No", I said, ""Where were they?" "Those girls were riding them," he said. I nearly fell off my bike laughing. He was joking of course but he was talking about the horses we had just seen. We passed a stable that was holding a riding event for young girls and there were tons of girls riding around on their "big kitty cats." 

I hadn't been in a grumpy mood prior to this but I was feeling tired and I was dragging a little. As we were leaving the apartment we stepped into the elevator and I pushed the button to the wrong floor. That isn't so unusual however, I sometimes step in to the elevator on my way to work and push the button to the sixth floor, which is where we live. Sometimes I push it several times wondering why the light doesn't go on before I realize it. "Oh," I say, and push the right button while chuckling to myself. It makes for good entertainment if anything. 

But back to the "big kitty cats." I felt a shift in my mood after my laughing fit. My husband was apparently in a very good mood which helped sort mine out. I hadn't quite decided what kind of mood I was in prior to this. I was merely along for the ride. Now I was in a very good mood as well. And every animal we saw from then on was a kitty cat. Makes things simple. And amusing. I recommend trying it.

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