Monday, May 14

Day 135: April Showers Bring May Flowers

I love to be out in nature. Especially when it's spring time and there are more flowers on the trees than leaves. Everything is in bloom and bursting with life. It is such a beautiful sight. My whole body resonates with joy! A few weeks ago the cherry blossoms came out to play and just days ago I noticed several trees beginning to burst with these big, fat, beautiful, white blossoms. I am not sure what they are but they are absolutely lovely I think.

During our ride through the forest yesterday my husband said, "The air smells so good!" One of the many blooming bushes or trees smelled literally like fresh honey. It was amazing. The scent was so heady and rich. The air was buzzing with bright scents and sights. People were already out having picnics and trying to get a head start on their summer tans. Even the leaves on the trees seemed to be celebrating and laughing as the soft breezes rustled through their branches.

When the sun is shining and a soft breeze is blowing there is no better place to be than on my bicycle. Spring in Stockholm is such a lovely time of year and such a wonderful introduction to summer. The saying "April showers bring May flowers" is perfectly appropriate this year. And if you are not looking up at the blossoms in the trees, you will see hundreds of vibrant, yellow, orange and pink tulips popping up everywhere as well. As I ride my bike back and forth to work and as I walk around the city I see people snapping photos of the flowers and blossoms or sitting outside enjoying the sun and taking in nature's beauty around them. All of that winter restlessness is coming out to play and rejuvenate. It makes me happy.

Cherry blossoms bursting at Kungsträdgården...

Beautiful, airy, white blossoms on a couple of trees outside my office. Below them a combination of lemon, yellow tulips and daffodils... 

Tulips starting to wake up at Mariatorget. This photo was taken last week. I will post a new photo next week to show the progress...

I am not sure what this is but to me it looks like lace. The wind was blowing so strongly when I took the photo that I could not get a good focus. I think it is still very pretty...

This may be the same type of tree as above. It was one of probably ten all in a group. It was such a beautiful sight. Like a lovely, white canopy. Funny to see in a land where everything is white with snow for much of the year... :-)


  1. I really enjoyed the flowering trees and plants. Mom

  2. ok, 3rd time's the charm!
    The white trees that smell heavenly are "hägg" and the white bush is "spirea". They only smell this good in Sweden. I tried planting several in the US, but they don't have a scent...I wish there was a "camera" for scents, that could capture this wonderful time of the year in Sweden!
    Love your blog, GraceAnn, have tried replying several times, but never succeeded!

  3. Thank you for your comments ladies! It is so nice to finally know the source of that heavenly scent Barb! They are absolutely gorgeous! Interesting that these plants did not have the same scent in the US. I am really happy to hear that you are enjoying my blog! Thank you again for stopping by! :-D