Thursday, May 3

Day 124: Snuggle Muffin

When we adopted our kitty back in January we had high hopes that she would sleep with us. And that she would want to snuggle and sit in our laps when we watched TV. My husband and I are both cat people and we have a special place in our hearts for kitties. In the beginning my husband thought she was "shifty" but I saw a scared little kitty that just needed time in her new home to adjust and start to relax. I hoped anyway. I thought that over time she would warm to us more and eventually become the lap cat we wanted her to be.

Well, she was friendly and seemed fairly comfortable with us in the beginning but she would not sleep with us in our bed. Nor would she sit in our laps or lie on the couch with us. If we were not on the couch she could often be found sleeping there and when we were not in our bed she would sneak under the covers and sleep there all day on Saturday. She loves to be the the same room with us and will follow us from room to room, meowing and purring and hoping for a stroke on the head or scratch behind the ear. If we are watching tv she sleeps on "her" bean bag chair. And when we go to bed at night she sleeps on "her" bed, on the blanket that sits folded on the long, skinny table at the foot of our bed.

Our love for this little kitty has grown tremendously in the short time we've known her and she is warming up to us more and more since she moved in with us in January. So it was no real surprise the other morning when my husband said that he woke up in the middle of the night and my elbow was in his back and when he turned to gently nudge me he found a kitty cat snuggled in between us. So of course, he suffered through the "elbow" in the back. The next night I awoke in the middle of the night to find her snuggled in between our feet. Then last night, before I had even drifted off to sleep, she hopped down onto the bed from her perch on the skinny table and snuggled up behind me into the crook of my knees, where she proceeded to give herself a bedtime bath. I fell fast asleep and slept as if I was being protected by an angel. In a sense, I was.

See how cute I am? I am the most adorable cat in all of Sweden. And soft and silky too. Just ask my mom, I am as sweet as can be.

This is me chillaxing in my bean bag chair. MY bean bag chair.

And now for just a little recap of yesterday's results: 

Here is a photo of the lovely Greta showing off her Happy Package! Organic "Like my bike" yogurt candies, a bright, little rooster and a cheerful, kitchen sponge. As she also commented on yesterday's post, I was able to hand deliver the package to her after work today and we had a wonderful visit over frozen yogurt (What isn't wonderful when it comes to frozen yogurt? Right?!)
Anyway, thank you again to everyone who participated in the Random Drawing this week! Check back on Day 183 for another special treat! ;-)

If this isn't a happy face, I don't know what is!!!! Thank you Greta for sharing your photo with me!

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