Thursday, May 10

Day 131: The Grass is Green in My Pasture

I don't know many people who actually love their job. Most of them merely tolerate their job while dreaming of something else. Something better, more exciting, creative, fun. What if we all just decided to like our job and appreciate it for what it is? A nice, green pasture to graze in. I mean, after all we do get paid the green stuff to do our job, which feeds and clothes us and gives us an experience of doing something that maybe we'd never do otherwise. Whether it is our dream job or not. There is always a reason we are where we are. Even if we are unaware of that reason.

There is also power in choosing our lives exactly as they are. We take control of our situation instead of "suffering" through it. The choice is always there to do something else though sometimes it takes a great deal of work to change our situation. But if a true change is desired, the possibility is there. Just begin with the first step. Then find a friend or partner to support you in the changes you want to make.

There. Now that I've said my bit on that... Not too long ago I was "suffering" and not terribly happy with my job. Then one day I just made the decision to look for the positive instead of the negative in my job and it took a huge load off my shoulders. I suddenly had more time and energy to focus on other things. Now the grass is green in my pasture. Right here on this side of the fence. It may not be the most favorite job I have ever had but I it has given me the opportunity to meet some really great people and it is a great fit for my life right now.

Five positive things about my job:

1. The hours
2. Easy commute
3. Traveling internationally
4. Making new friends
5. Low stress

Tell me something positive about your job...

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